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The Holistic Realtor

Updated: Sep 18, 2022

What was the catalyst that caused me to contemplate incorporating my Reiki healing practice into my real estate career?

Not long ago I asked my very talented videographer (and boyfriend) to help me create a video business card for my real estate firm. My plan was to make two separate videos, one for Innocenzi Property Group and than another for my Reiki business, Healing Long Island.

I hadn't planned a script but I had a few ideas of what to say and how I wanted to present myself. But everything came out flat. I didn't have the same enthusiasm for my real estate career that I had for my emerging energy healing endeavor. Erik asked "what makes you different?" and I replied with a joke and joyful laugh...."nothing". While I like to believe that I'm not like every other realtor on Long Island, I didn't have anything to say that was truly unique.

Yes I'm experienced. Yes I'm ethical. Yes I have integrity. Yes I'm knowledgeable. Blah blah blah. Many in this business would say the same thing. We decided to stop filming so I could dive deep into myself and take some time to really investigate what sets me apart.

After some meditation, soul searching, and radical honesty I realized that what I needed to do was incorporate the skills I had been developing through intuitive Reiki into the way I work with my buyers and sellers. I knew that I had already been doing this to some extent throughout my career. But now it was in the forefront of my process and business practice. Currently, I help my clients to follow their own natural intuition, focus on their breathing, use the law of attraction and other universal laws throughout their journey, and I clear energy in my buyers' new homes, and before and after open houses for my sellers.

So here I am. The Holistic Realtor. Guiding my clients to incorporate body, mind, and soul. I am heart-centered vs. transactional. And I take a balanced approach to your next move.

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